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Santa Paw Christmas Pawprint Kit

Just in time for Christmas, these make great additions to holidays gifts for the family. Who doesn't know a family without a dog or cat? The kits contain everything needed to make the impression including pre-measured plaster of paris, detailed instructions, and a card to record the pet’s name and the date the impression was made. One kit is all you need for cats or dogs. The container measures 4.5" in diameter and 1.5" high.

Meet my Sheltie, Taffy!
She was top dog in our house. After nearly 14 months battling bone cancer, she succumbed October 30, 2005. She loved Halloween because she got to greet the children that came to the door. She would even put up with whatever costume we put on her. She will be sorely missed!

Her feline friend, Yankee, pictured on the My Paw Print and Santa Paws labels, sadly also succumbed to cancer on October 27, 2005. He belonged to Taffy's groomer, Aunt Kate.

Tips for making a great impression of your pet's paw
Needed: vegetable oil, paper towels, disposable bowl of water
Dip a paper towel in a small amount of vegetable oil.
Wipe their paw with the paper towel. The oil will enable you to make a better defined impression. Also, the paw will be easier to clean.
To make a deeper impression, it helps to have the pet standing.
Have a bowl of water on the floor next to the container with the plaster of paris. After making the impression, dip the paw in the bowl of water and rub gently. The plaster will easily come off.
Wipe dry with dry, clean paper towel.
If you want to hang the impression after it dries, put a piece of a straw in before the plaster hardens.
Make sure to leave the container uncovered for 7 to 10 days. If it is more humid or rainy it will take a bit longer. All the moisture needs to be out of the plaster before you can cover it. If you cover it too soon the plaster will turn moldy.

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