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Please provide the following information about your organization.
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If your organization is located in New Jersey and is tax exempt, we must have a photocopy of your STATE tax exempt letter on file before any order for products can be placed. Tax numbers alone will not be accepted.

If your organization is not tax exempt in New Jersey you will be charged the same discounted price per item with the addition of state and local tax. Tax is charged on taxable retail prices listed by Karen’s Keepsakes, not the discounted cost offered to your organization, and is determined by the shipping address. If your organization is located in New Jersey, you are responsible for any sale taxes due resulting from your activities.


Please read the following carefully and print for your records.

  1. PROFIT: Your organization shall earn 40% of your retail sales sold through this promotion during the Selling Dates. The percentage will be calculated on the total pre-tax, pre-shipping amount of your total product sales.
  2. SHIPPING FEES: Your organization will pay a low 10% for shipping with a maximum shipping fee of $35 with orders over $500 and a minimum shipping fee of $15.
  3. PAYMENTS: Your participants will place orders online with their credit cards. If a credit card is declined we will make every effort to get a different credit card to process the order. If a valid credit card is not provided that individual order will be cancelled and will not be included in the total sales for the fundraiser.
  4. MISSING OR BROKEN PRODUCT: Shortages or damages must be reported within 3 working days of receipt or shipment. For broken or damaged product all packing materials must be retained, and Karen’s Keepsakes as well as shipping carrier must be notified. Missing or broken products will be replaced immediately. Your organization is responsible for the accuracy of the total amount of items sold and ordered.
  5. REFUND POLICY: Due to the profit paid to your organization when using Karen's Keepsakes as a fundraiser, all sales are final. If a customer should become dissatisfied with their purchases, at no fault of the product performance or condition, we may choose, at our discretion, to offer a free replacement in lieu of a cash refund.
  6. CANCELLATION POLICY: Should your organization decide, once your organization's online store is set up, not to hold the fundraiser you will be charged an admistrative fee of $50.
  7. DELIVERY: Your products will be delivered to the address listed on this form approximately 2 to 6 weeks from the end of the fundraiser.
  8. LIABILITY: Karen's Keepsakes is not liable for the results of your fundraiser as each fundraiser is unique and the results will vary depending on the efforts made by your individual participants.
  9. CREDIT CARD HOLD: In order to complete the registration process, you will be required to provide your credit card information to us. We will not charge your credit card unless you cancel your fundraiser once we have setup your online store. You will be billed a $1 validation fee on your card. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the fundraiser. You will not be charged any other fee unless you cancel your fundraiser (see terms above).
By entering your full name, you are agreeing to the terms of this online registration form and verifying that all information you provide is accurate. Entering your electronic signature is legally binding. Please do not process if you do not agree to our terms. Thank you.
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You will be billed a $1 validation fee on your card. This amount will be refunded to you at the time you place your Karen's Keepsakes order. You will not be charged any other fee unless you cancel your fundraiser (see terms above).