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Fundraising FAQ

How soon can we start our fundraiser?
Your fundraising can begin as soon as you order your fundraising materials. Once you register your fundraiser with us and let us know how many participant packets you need, we can begin to prepare your shipment and ship your kit within 24 hours if necessary. We will ship your materials to arrive several days before your fundraiser is scheduled to begin.


To where do I fax my paper contract?
If you received a fundraising agreement by mail, you may fax it back to us at 732-662-5903.


How long should our fundraiser last?
We recommend 2 weeks with 3 full weekends in order to maximize your profit earnings as well as ensure continued motivation by your participants. Longer than 2 weeks usually does not benefit the organization as your participants will lose interest in fundraising. Less than 2 weeks is not ample time to collect orders.


How long does it take for our products to arrive?
Please allow up to 4 weeks for your products to arrive once your online sale is over. Typically, you will have your shipment much sooner.


How will the orders be shipped?
Most orders are shipped via UPS with order tracking.


How do we receive our proceeds?
You will receive your money when the products are delivered to your organization.


How do we pay for our order?
You can pay for your fundraising order with an official bank check, a postal money order, or via credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover). You may also choose to pay with a personal check or organization check but this will delay your order processing by about a week.


Do you require a minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order required for your program fundraiser.


Who can I call if I have questions during my product fundraising campaign?
If at anytime you have questions, please contact us at 1-800-231-9137 or 732-318-6766. We are here to make your job easier and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


When do I collect money?
You don't collect money. All the payments are handled through our shopping cart.


Are shipping charges included?
No. Your organization will pay a low 10% for shipping with a maximum shipping fee of $35 with orders over $500 and a minimum shipping fee of $15.


What’s the best location for distributing the order?
Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large areas make excellent distribution locations. Be sure you have at least two adult volunteers available during order pick-up.


When should I begin distributing the products?
Begin distribution of orders the day of or the day after they arrive. Set a specific date and time for parents to pick up orders. Schools often accommodate after school or evening pick-up times. Make sure notices are sent home with date and times of distribution.


What do I do when my shipment arrives?
Count the boxes you have received, compare with delivery receipt, if they match, sign off on the delivery receipt. Sort orders by classrooms. If there is a damaged box or missing box please note and let Karen's Keepsakes know so proper credits and re-shipment can be made.